Even though her ancestor, louis-Barthelemy, was a master mariner who became Prince of Beluchistan in 1850 for having created the first military fleet for the king of Siam, in a country that has no access to the sea, she got away from the "World of Sea" to enter the "World of Art".

Fascinated by this madcap ancestor, off the wall and unconventional, she has made researches on him which led her to discover the manufacture of "Beautiran”, whose printed fabrics, also called "toiles de Jouy", were sold in Bordeaux's port fair, while Louis Barthelemy's frigate was moored there.

This how her passion for those fabrics became an obsession for her. She discovered through those that the French decorative arts was closely linked to the French History. She then deeply encouraged her daughter to choose this incredible story as a subject for her history Master essay. This led her to make a book with professor Jean Rembert; and, Sophie to create tablecloths inspired by those patterns while, of course, dreaming of the open sea, in the same way that her great great father used to do it at his time...

When louis-Barthelemy was sailing and shipwrecking in the China Sea or the Port of Saint Malo, she offered her off the wall outlook of there French cultural and decorative heritage in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan...

This is how she decided to hang those gnomes to ears, in this new collection of jewelry that she presented in Maison & Objet, at Paris, in 2014, in Isetan, Printemps Ginza in 2015....

And then, there is Marie-Antoinette, so courageous; our new saint, John-Paul II, so charismatic; the "petit-brabançon", so mischievous dogs; and Mona Lisa, and then, and then...In January 2015, she expanded her collection and release brooches, true to the spirit of the French military clips known as "dixmudes".

She had her education in the well-known Parisian art school "Penninghen" (ESAG) toward the end of the 70's.

Quickly, she oriented herself in the direction of the home environment by founding the company "3eme Acte, Art & Brocatelles" with Ines Dubrulle. The company was creating and manufacturing table accessories.

With "3eme Acte ", we used to exhibit regularly in "Scene d'interieur" at Paris. Our booths were so strongly made that plates were falling and breaking, provoking the hilarity and applauses from the neighboring exhibitors.

This is when she met Jean-Michel Borin, president of "Beauvillé", manufacturer of tablecloths, sold in each country by the world,... A collaboration of 25 years started.It translated in great world success such as "Raffaelo", "le carrousel de Sophie", "Medicis" but also pieces of junk, such as "Maxime".

In 2014 September, came out "Voltaire "which is set to become another great success worldwide.

In 2015 , “Aquarius” and “Montaigne”.

For her work around the French cultural and decorative heritage, Sophie de Boissieu received the highest French distinction, the "legion d'honneur".Her medal was handed over to me in the Versailles' castle, by its president, Jean-Jacques aillagon, former French minister of culture.