Sophie de Boissieu's work goes around three main lines.




My portraits, pencil-drawn, are for everybody. A drawing nicely framed is ready to be hang on your wall or on the people's wall whom you gave the picture. In March 2017, i have been invited in Osaka to draw our japonese friend's pets.

Let the subtlely lines charm you.

Mr Nain is a charactere for everyboby. I created him in 2000's after the observing my own garden's gnomes. Today Eric jean and me develope him. I have been lanched in Osaka on march 2017, in the department store HANKYU.

He is ready to fly the nest.

Theses pictures are for professionnals who are looking for licensing. Created from all my drawing done on travel book, there are worked to become very decorative and charm the most people of possible.

To see and to love.

Creator of singular and colorful environments, Sophie de Boissieu feels easy as fallen baroness as princess of beluchistan. She creates drawing, she tells stories, explores our roots and takes us into worlds sometimes classical, sometimes surprising, sometimes curious but always offbeat.


The basic questions